Medicare Supplemental Insurance

United Insurance Solutions, Inc., is pleased to be able to service our Senior Ministers and church congregations with Medicare Supplements. We are working with national carriers and our goal is to ensure that our members have the best resources available.  More

Term Life Insurance

Life Insurance is to provide for your family financial responsibilities at the time of your death. Although minister’s have a $10,000 life policy that comes with their license with the UPCI, it is not enough to fully care for a spouse or family left behind. United Insurance Solutions offers Additional/Supplemental Term Life Insurance. More

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Accidental Death

Every licensed minister is provided with a $10,000 Accidental Death and Personal Loss policy. But we believe everyone should consider additional AD&D coverage because of the low cost and large benefit it could be to your spouse and family in the event of an accidental death or inability to work because of dismemberment. More